PACNET Remote™

With PACNET Remote™

we can act quickly for most of your assistance requests.


  • Phone assistance
  • Online assistance
  • Offline assistance
  • Remote training


  • Reduced price
  • Immediate resolution of the problem
  • Competitive price
  • No travel costs
  • Rapid intervention
  • Out of production hour interventions
  • Non disruptive maintenance
  • Training on users' own workstation
  • Focused and personalized training

Remote Support

When you need assistance, you contact us on +32-495-521228 or via our contact form. Upon receipt of your request, our technician will take action within 8 hours and connect to your system. Remote assistance means that you still are online the Internet. If your connection is down, we can connect via a regular analog modem. In most cases, the remote assistance will solve your problem. In the event the remote solution does not help, we can agree on an onsite intervention.

PACNET is a service "à la carte". Together, we define a number of intervention units.

PACNET Remote™ supports most operating systems, any Microsoft supported versions of Windows, any supported Mac OS, Linux, and even Smarphones with Mac iOS & Android; stand alone or in a network. To fully use PACNET Remote, you need a broadband connection to the internet. If you don't have a broadband connection, a simple analog modem will allow the connection.


As a registered PACNET Remote customer, you are granted a priority on all your assistance requests.


PACNET Remote™ uses a highly secured software system to connect to your system. The connection between your system and our system is encrypted. Today's technology guarantees that the connection is safe for at least 48 hours. Knowing that each connection to PACNET lasts in average 15-30 minutes and each new connection has a new key, we can assure you entire confidentiality of the system. In addition, we secure further by adding passwords.