PACNET Services

PACNET started in 2003 under the impulse of B2U. PACNET is a network of experts in ICT, Information and Communication Technologies.

PACNET offers the following ICT services: Audit, deployment, training, PACNET Remote, Advising, Service Level Agreements, Outsourcing, …

PACNET has expertise in ICT. Our competencies cover the workstations, Windows & Mac, LAN’s (Local Area Networks), WAN’s (Wide Area Networks), VPN, VLAN

PACNET is not related to any hardware manufacturer or software producer. Therefore, PACNET offers support on a large variety of hardware and software. More over, we can assist you with equipment purchased elsewhere.

PACNET is a flexible organisation which adapts to every situation. Our customers are similar to you in their structure but unique in their needs of ICT. Home users, self-employed, SMB, law firms, businesses, real estate agency, … All our customers get a tailor-made service.

PACNET offers Service Level Agreements, which guarantees you assistance within a defined delay, out of work hours assistance, outsourcing of qualified personnel, … and all services needed to run your IT infrastructure.


With PACNET Remote, we can assist you quicker and cheaper for most of your needs.

PACNET is available 24/7 depending on the SLA.

When you need help you can contact us via phone mail or via our contact page. Within the 8 working hours following the receipt of your request, we will carry out a remote intervention on your system. That is of course assuming you are online. If your Internet connection is down, we can operate through an analog modem if available. In most cases, this remote operation will get you back working. If onsite action is needed, we will schedule it as soon as possible.

That is one of the simplest actions: go to the Contact Us and drop us a mail. After a revue of your ICT system we will send you a proposal. As soon as you accept it, we install and configure your system to run PACNET Remote.

PACNET is a service « à la carte ». This means that it is not a timed contract but you subscribe for a number of interventions mutually agreed . You may end the service whenever you decide just by dropping us a mail. Could it be any simpler?

Yes and No. During the initial configuration, we install a « Host » software and configure your system to allow a PACNET connection. This software remains the property of PACNET. So Yes special software is needed but NO you don’t need to purchase a special software.

PACNET Remote supports most operating systems like Windows, MacOS, Linux, stand alone or in a LAN. To use PACNET Remote, you need a connection to the Internet.

As a PACNET Remote user, we guaranty a maximum delay of 8 working hours.

PACNET uses a special software highly secured. The data that are travelling from your computer to our system are encrypted. At this day, the encryption algorithm is guaranteed to resist 48 hours before being cracked. Knowing that an average connection last about 15 minutes and that each connection has a different encryption key, we can assure you that the data that will travel through the Internet is safe and confidential. More over, several password levels can be implemented to guaranty the access rights.

Beside the initial configuration, PACNET Remote is a pay per use system priced an agreed tarif per unit, 1 unit being 15 minutes.